Business New Year’s Resolutions

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Business New Year’s Resolutions

Business New Years Resolution
2022 was a wild year for many of us.  Before you knew it the year was over and we were on to 2023.  I personally consider that a blessing since 23 is one of my lucky numbers, if you see me at Stripes picking up a Powerball ticket now you know why. 

This morning I realized its already January 10th and I have yet to consider a New Year’s resolution for our business. I have always had mixed results with my personal resolutions, but I take my business New Year’s resolution a bit more seriously.  That got me to thinking about my goals for Persona in 2023, what does our team want to accomplish this year?  

We’ve been blessed over the past 4 1/2 years with the enviable problem of not needing to put much energy into our own marketing, our lovely clients have kept us busy and keep referring us new customers so we haven’t “needed” to market. I consider it a blessing, but it could bite us in the rear if we don’t change.  Its like that ironic tale of the cobbler whose children have no shoes.  Its a tale of a cobbler that’s so busy making shoes for his customers that he has no time to make shoes for his own children.  Yes you’ve probably heard me tell this story before!  The problem is, one day, the 4 of us here will look at each other and realize we’re all caught up and don’t have enough to do!. 

So my business New Year’s resolution is to ensure our team puts the same energy into our own marketing that we do for our clients.  

So, like it or not, you’ll be receiving the occasional update from our corner of the world and might see the occasional ad that reminds you we’re here when you’re ready to talk marketing.  If you don’t then you know I’ve failed to follow through on my resolution, please feel free to call me out! 

What areas of your business are you looking to improve in 2023?  Have you made a New Year’s resolution for yourself or your business? 

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