Why business owners need the Google My Business App

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Why business owners need the Google My Business App

Why you need the Google My Business App

Update (February 2023): Google no longer offers the Google My Business App. Your Google Business Profile is now managed through the Google Maps App or via your browser.

As a business owner Google is arguably the most important and first place for you to establish a presence for your company.  In this article we’ll explain why business owners need the Google My Business App.  Google’s ubiquitous apps are used every day on millions of phones, cars, computers, and more.  Google is used over 3 billion times EVERY DAY to search for answers, products, recipes, anything you can think of.  This of course includes businesses like yours!  Chances are your business is already on Google and you have already claimed your listing, so skip ahead.  If you haven’t then drop everything and do that now.  Contact us if you need help claiming your listing on Google.  Once your listing has been claimed and added to your Google account there are several tools at your fingertips on the Google My Business Page.  Here are some of our favorites:

Our Top 5 Favorite Google My Business Features

  1.  Visibility – So you want to be more visible online?  Using Google My Business improves your company’s visibility across the web. 3rd party sites often rely on Google for their information, so when you complete your business profile you will appear on many of these sites. Google will have the necessary information to categorize your business and this makes it more likely that you’ll show up in relevant local searches.
  2. Insights – Within the Google My Business page and app you’ll find analytics data that tells you how your customers are or are not finding you on the web.  Using this information you can tweak your campaigns or your information to improve your visibility.
  3. Posting – Within the Google My Business app and page you can add posts for your viewers and followers.  You can add events or offers for your visitors to see. Many businesses copy their social media posts to their Google page.  
  4. Appointments – If your business operates on an appointment basis your customers can book with you directly through your Google listing. This saves you and your clients time.  
  5. Managing your reviews – Within the Google My Business app you can view your reviews and respond to them.  Google considers your reviews and your responses important enough that they will help with your local SEO, so this will help more prospects find you.  

Grow your reviews and online presence

If you really want to take your online presence to the next level we recommend our online presence software.  With our software you can invite your clients to review you with a text.  95% of text marketing gets read; so with this product your reviews will grow like crazy.  Within the software you can track and respond to reviews as well as manage your Google listing.  In addition your business profile is automatically placed in over 50 other online directories such as Amazon AlexaMapquest, and more.  Learn more about this software in future posts, so stay tuned.  

Now to get to the point, Why business owners need the Google My Business App


You know why you need to be listed on google, now we tackle why business owners need the Google My Business App.  When your clients find you on Google they have the ability to chat via message with you directly.  No matter where you are, the grocery store, on your patio, at the beach; your clients can send a text message instantly through your listing. Then you receive and can respond to the message on your phone or tablet instantly!  Imagine you’re a pawnshop and a customer wants to know if you have a 55 inch Samsung TV or if you’re a pet food store and they are looking for Grain Free dog treats…customers love texting and hate having to call you.  The Google My Business App gives you the opportunity to talk to them COMPLETELY FREE.  This is why business owners need the Google My Business App.

For help setting up your Google My Business page and app head to our Get Started page and request an appointment or just stop on by our offices at 1213 Highway 35 S in Rockport.  For additional information on why business owners need the Google My Business App give us a call or set an appointment.  To learn how to grow your reviews and more with our software head to our Get More Reviews page.

Trivia answer from our Holiday email… 
“the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.”

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