Event Marketing For The Rockport Wine Festival

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Event Marketing For The Rockport Wine Festival

Event Marketing for Wine Festival

Celebrating Success: Our Work for the 27th Annual Rockport Wine Festival

We are thrilled to share the work we did for the 27th Annual Rockport Wine Festival, hosted by the Texas Maritime Museum. This year’s event takes place on Saturday, May 25th, 2024; and we are proud to have played a pivotal role in its promotion and branding. This is our 2nd year managing the advertising campaign for the Wine Festival. Our team has extensive experience with event marketing and planning.

Comprehensive Branding

Our journey with the Rockport Wine Festival event marketing began with creating a fresh and vibrant brand identity that captured the spirit of the event. We designed a cohesive look and feel that was reflected across all materials, ensuring a memorable and visually appealing experience for attendees.

Dynamic Website

To provide a seamless online experience, we developed a website that served as the central hub for all festival information. The site was user-friendly, featuring detailed schedules, ticket purchasing options, sponsor sign-up, sponsor logos, and highlights of the event.

Engaging Video Advertising

Understanding the power of visual storytelling, we produced an engaging video advertisement. This video showcased the excitement and unique offerings of the festival, enticing wine enthusiasts to attend and experience it firsthand.

Eye-Catching Printed Materials

From posters and flyers to banners and brochures, our team designed a range of printed materials that were distributed across various locations. Each piece was crafted to draw attention and generate interest, contributing to the overall buzz surrounding the event.

Press Release

To reach a wider audience and garner media attention, we crafted a press release. This piece highlighted the festival’s key features, historical significance, and unique collaboration with the Texas Maritime Museum, ensuring widespread coverage in local and regional media.

Social Media Campaign

Our social media team worked tirelessly to create and manage engaging posts across multiple platforms. Through strategic content planning and community engagement, we built anticipation and excitement leading up to the event, resulting in increased visibility and attendance.

Advertising Campaign Success

Utilizing search engine marketing and targeted social media advertising, we reached over 290,000 potential attendees across the State of Texas. This extensive outreach not only boosts ticket sales but also enhances the festival’s overall profile and reputation. We also collaborated with Tegna and Corpus Christi’s KIII-TV to run a local TV broadcast and Premion OTT streaming advertising campaign. There is a 30% increase in online ticket sales leading up to this year’s event, a testament to the quality of this premium event and the investment in a high-quality advertising campaign.

Reflecting on a Milestone Event

The 27th Annual Rockport Wine Festival will be a spectacular event, bringing together wine lovers, local vendors, and the community in a celebration of fine wines, great music, and maritime heritage. We are honored to have contributed to its success and look forward to continuing our partnership with the Texas Maritime Museum for future event marketing opportunities.

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the festival. Here’s to many more years of celebrating the best of Rockport and Texas wines!

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