Get Found on Google Search and Maps

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Get Found on Google Search and Maps

Get found on Google search and maps

We want to thank the Business Builders and the Rockport Fulton Chamber of Commerce for making this event happen and the Inn at Fulton Harbor for hosting. Joining the Rockport Fulton Chamber of Commerce is a must for any Coastal Bend business. As members for several years, with our partner business TCS Telecom Inc and now Persona Digital Marketing,we have found Chamber membership to work wonders for networking, marketing, and partnerships. We appreciate everyone coming out to learn and share ideas to Get Found on Google. The Chamber is working with Google to coordinate more Get Found on Google Search and Maps events, hosted by a Google national trainer. These events are a huge asset to our community. Getting 1 of just 15 Google trainers here to Rockport-Fulton is a massive win!

Wait! Before you download the presentation and get started improving your online presence and helping your business get found on Google. We’d love it if you gave us a shout-out on Facebook (or follow:)) here. Or drop in on our Google reviews here! We also have recently started a marketing discussion group for the Coastal Bend on Facebook and we need your help. We need more members to share ideas with our fellow Rockport-Fulton business owners! Check it out here!

OK, no more delays, here is the presentation you’ve been looking for…


One item we forgot to mention! Another important thing to keep in mind, secure websites. If your website address starts with HTTP not HTTPS your Google ranking could be lower. Google wants all websites to be “secure” in the future. As of February 2018 Google Chrome accounts for over 65% of the web browser market. On July 24th, 2018 Google began flagging all HTTP websites as “not secure” in the address bar area. Secure sites (HTTPS) have a nice, secure looking padlock next to their address. Google has considered HTTPS/Secure Sites in their searches for several years. The consensus is that secure sites rank higher and therefore your secure website will increase its chances of getting found on Google.

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