Is your website responsive?

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Is your website responsive?

Is your website responsive?

Responsive web design hides, shrinks, moves, and adjusts content on your website depending on what device your visitor is reading on (a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop).  When you have a responsive website content is easily viewed on any device and maximizes your visitor’s user experience.

Google has officially stated that they prefer responsive websites. They have warned that your ranking can be limited if your website isn’t mobile-friendly.  Your time and cost goes down when you manage just one responsive website.  You will no longer have to worry about both a desktop and mobile version. No more duplicate content, faulty redirects, or other common errors that a separate mobile website can create.

Find out if your website is responsive!

A responsive website offers the best usability for your visitors. With a responsive website users can browse, shop, learn, and interact on your website no matter the device they choose.  To find out how your site is performing try the mobile-friendly test or the mobile speed and performance test.  

Score poorly?

If your site gets poor marks for its speed or responsiveness it may be time to think about making a new website one of your New Year’s Resolutions.  To get a quote on a new website from Persona start here!

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