Its time to secure your website with HTTPS

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Its time to secure your website with HTTPS


If you’re selling online, accepting donations, storing personal information, or just want more growth its time to make your site secure. Did you know that over 65% of users are browsing the internet with Google Chrome? In July 2018 Google made a change to motivate everyone to HTTPS, or a secure website. They added “not secure” in the address bar area on every website not using HTTPS. Conversely, if your site is secure you’ll have a green padlock letting users know your site is safe.

Recently our site wasn’t secure for a few days as we made some hosting changes and it wasn’t a good feeling! Google will rank you lower if your site isn’t secure. They will shame you with the red “not secure” message and customers will have less faith in your reputation. The time is now to switch to HTTPS and at Persona we can make the change for you quickly and easily. When you move your hosting to Persona you pay one low annual fee for your SSL/HTTPS, WordPress updates, email management, and more! Or start from scratch with a new and secure website from Persona.

Your business will rank higher on search engines. You will have a better online reputation and close more online sales because your customers will feel safe. Contact Persona today online here or call us. Reach us at 361-729-9740 or toll free (877) 322-3666 Its time to secure your website with HTTPS. Get started on your secure and modern website with Persona.


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