Why you need live chat on your website

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Why you need live chat on your website

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Lets repeat, you need live chat on your website! Live Chat online repeatedly earns positive reviews from customers. Live chat has quickly become the preferred communication tool for customers. The reason for this increased adoption is because more than half of all customers prefer to chat with someone in live chat online, as opposed to traditional phone or email methods. The live chat statistics are staggering, 42% of customers prefer live chat as a communication method. Compare that to email (23%) or social media (16%). A Zendesk study found that 92% of consumers feel positive about their interactions with companies using live chat.

The technology in the last few years has rapidly evolved. Now the deployment of live chat has been simplified greatly. The other concern our clients have voiced is that they aren’t constantly monitoring their site. Well the chat companies have, as usual, responded to this concern with tech. There are 2 ways that chat technology helps you respond to customers 24/7/365.

The live chat auto-responder is the default information that appears on the chat window before you (the live agent) or AI picks up the conversation. Yes that’s right there are AI responders available that can mimic a human agent. Before we get into that let’s talk about the basic automatic response. With the right message you can redirect the customer when you’re unavailable. With some of the new AI features your chat can actually carry on a basic conversation with the guest to direct them to the right place. If human intervention is needed it pushes the guest to an agent. With a contextually relevant and appeasing auto-responder message you can ensure maximum participation of your clients. With the right auto-responder, you can be sure that the recipient receives the proper message and engages with the live chat at a high level.

Paid live agent features is another way to maintain a 24/7 presence on your website. Many of the chat companies offer live agents for as low as $1 per hour. It doesn’t get any simpler than that, live agents to communicate your message to the customer 24/7/365 for just $1 per hour.

Many businesses are under the belief that live chat online is a way to connect with you to buy products, and since there are alternate options, there is no need for the live chat feature. This is simply not true. Live chat does more than just allow your customers to buy or discuss items your selling. It helps to increase your customer satisfaction by making them feel important and providing extra benefits.

Still not convinced?

A Forrester report revealed that nearly 50% of consumers say that having a live person answer their questions while in the middle of their purchase decision is one of the most important features a company can offer.

Check out some more great live chat statistics

See this article from Chris Frascella on 10 key chat metrics. A 2015 study conducted by the Aberdeen Group, which compared businesses with live chat compared to those without, revealed the following benefits:

  • 34% greater annual improvement in customer satisfaction rate.
  • 2.4x greater annual increase in cross-sell and up-sell revenue.
  • 20% greater annual improvement in customer contact abandonment rate.
  • 9.3x greater annual improvement in agent utilization rate.
  • 2.6x greater annual improvement in customer care costs.

Customers want to multitask

As our attention spans shrink there is one benefit to the smartphone. We can browse the internet, Facebook, or listen to music while we wait in a chat. Multitasking has made wait times more palatable, just not on the phone itself! Your customers will appreciate being on the computer chatting with you while they can use their phone to watch YouTube or listen to Spotify.

We all multitask today and according to Econsultancy, 51% of website visitors prefer the live chat because it allows them to multitask. Another 21% enjoy live chat because it helps them to shop while they work.

The biggest win with live chat

The biggest win is that live chat online provides customers with the ability to speak with a real, live agent. Presumably. There may be bots out there that can act as if they are human, but the good ones don’t let the customer know. A conversation (online) with a helpful agent is quite refreshing in a world where phone systems are downright frustrating.

To learn more about live chat and how it can benefit your business click here to set up an appointment. (or just click our live chat button:)) This feature is very affordable and the tools to implement and manage it simple. With apps on your phone you can monitor your site 24/7 and respond to your guests in real time.


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