Looking to grow your business? Try email marketing!

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Looking to grow your business? Try email marketing!

email marketing in the coastal bend

If you’re like me, your small business dominates your thoughts.  You constantly think about how to find more customers, to close more sales, what new products you can try, etc…  You might have a great website, a great social media presence, and plenty of visitors to your website; but you’re not making enough sales…  It’s time for you to give email marketing a try!

You certainly should continue focusing on your website and social media presence, but with all those visitors and engagements you’ve got an opportunity to capture their email address.  You offer the visitor something in return, perhaps a free consultation, a discount, or a free trial of your product.  Then once they subscribe to your email list, using the form on your website or social media, Persona gets to work.  We are notified of that new subscriber and our automated response system sends them a custom message from you welcoming them and giving them the info needed to retrieve the offer.

When that customer is ready to buy, they are more likely to buy from you, someone they know and trust.

This is why email is a critical part of your marketing strategy and we can help!

Keep doing what you’re doing, great website, paid search, social media, newspaper, etc… now add email marketing from Persona and watch your engagement, prospects, and closes go up!  If you are ready to get started fill out the form below for more information on Persona’s email marketing plans.




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