Improve Your Social Media Marketing Targeting Strategy!

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Improve Your Social Media Marketing Targeting Strategy!

Social Media Marketing Targeting means you need to find the right person, content, place, format, language, and device.

Let’s go a little deeper into what this means…

Social Media Marketing Targeting | Persona Digital Marketing | Buyer Persona


When trying to target your preferred audience on social media you need to take into account the ideal person you will be targeting. You can find this out by creating buyer personas. What are the demographics of this person? What hobbies and interests do they have?


Next, you need to investigate the type of content your target persona likes to engage with. Do they like trendy, modern, informative, or quirky content? Do they prefer short videos over long? Do they like interacting with stories?


Where does your target persona go to see this content? Do they prefer Instagram over Facebook? Maybe they use both… Find the platforms that your audience is on and investigate the content they align with. Keep in mind if your audience is on multiple platforms, focus your energy on the most used before dipping your toes into anything new. This ensures your content is not watered down as not everyone is ready to make the jump into every platform.


You’ll want to confirm you are making these posts in the correct format for the platform(s) you are using. For example, there is an ever growing love for short videos like Instagram Reelsd and TikTok‘s. Make sure the video format is portrait and not landscape to avoid those ugly black borders. This can make you look unprofessional and straight up unappealing.

Social Media Marketing Targeting | Persona Digital Marketing | Make Sure you cover every local language


What language does your target audience use? Us South Texas folks have quite a few Spanish speakers here and you don’t want to lose out on business because someone can’t read your content. Make sure your content is inclusive to be available to your entire target audience.


Lastly, what device is your target buyer using? Are they on mobile or desktop? This can help you make your content more accessible for the user. Think short and readable content for mobile. The attention span for a mobile user is much shorter so you need the content to be digestible. You can stretch this a bit when you’re working with desktop users.

Social Media Marketing Targeting | Persona Digital Marketing

These are all highly important factors to take into consideration when you are targeting a specific audience. Of course, you may see some great results when blindly throwing organic/paid posts out but that isn’t always sustainable. When you work with a company like Persona Digital Marketing, you can rest assured that they will handle your social media marketing targeting. They will ensure you grow your business and see solid results and an increase of engagement, lead generation, and more!

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